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It Stinks Of Eyes Around Here Documentary DVD - DVD - Price: $18.00
Ginger - It Stinks Of Eyes Around Here Documentary DVD
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Product Details for It Stinks Of Eyes Around Here Documentary DVD
It Stinks Of Eyes Around Here is a Ginger Wildheart & friends acoustic tour documentary DVD

Shot during the Summer of 2011, the film itself is an entertaining bootleg style look into the bands acoustic tour, both on and off stage - packed with interviews, behind-the-scenes tom foolery, songs, characters and highlights from the van journeys with the acoustic band; featuring Ginger Wildheart, Random Jon Poole (The Wildhearts/Cardiacs), Jase Edwards (Wolfsbane), Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines/The Sisters Of Mercy), Willie Dowling & John Steel (Jackdaw4) and Dunc (Tour guitar tech)

Included on the DVD are 8 live acoustic performance videos shot at various venues across the tour, and over 30 minutes of bonus behind-the-scenes clips:

1. Geordie In Wonderland
2. More Fucked Up Than You
3. 29 X Pain
4. V-Day
5. Loveshit
6. Mazel Tov Cocktail
7. When She Comes
8. The Day I Wrote The Book (Jackdaw4)

1. This Is Forwards, This Is Backwards
2. Radio
3. Record Store
4. Jokes
5. Stairway To Hate
6. Introducing Pogo The Clown
7. Dunc's List
8. Video With No Name

Full Running Time: 1hr 50
Documentary: 50 minutes
Live: 30 minutes
Bonus: 30 minutes

Even more bonus clips and information about the film can be found at, or scan in the QR code on your DVD box to see some random stuff on your phone!
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