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Front Magazine FRONT Issue 171-1 - Front Issue

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Front Magazine - FRONT Issue 171-1


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Front Magazine - FRONT Issue 171-1 - Front Issue
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Product Details for Front Magazine - FRONT Issue 171-1 - Front Issue

Greetings dear readers, and welcome to this month's arse kicking, crime fighting, super duper edition of FRONT Magazine. On top of about one hundred million points of awesomeness, the eagle-eyed amongst you may notice something extra spesh about this new issue: THERE'S TWO FUCKING AWESOME COVERS TO COLLECT! That's right, not only have we assembled India Reynolds, Lucy V and Emily Laser, our three super sexy heroes of hotness, but we've also produced two covers so incredible that they could quite easily save the world. Don't ask us how, we just know. Here's what you can expect to find inside:

Unless you've had your head wedged under your sofa for the past few months, you'll know that this summer is all about superheroes. The Avengers Assemble has blown ever other movie ever out of the water, The Amazing Spider-Man has just opened and everyone is foaming at the mouth for the last Batman film. With that in mind, and because superheroes are the bomb, we've gone all superheroic this month. Any other mag would dash to the nearest fancy-dress box and pull out some terrible cheap shitty costumes to deck their girls out, but not us. Whoa no. Here's a sneak peek of the earth-shatteringly good shoot that you can find insideā€¦

DEAD IMPORTANT LIFE LESSONS FROM COMIC BOOKS There's a lot to be learned from the people that wear their undercrackers on the outside of their coloured tights. With the help of killer comics heroes such as Wolverine, The Comedian from Watchmen and Lobo, the coolest mother-trucker ever, we teach you why cigars will make you look fuckin' cool, how bald people are dead interesting, that guns are waaay awesome and why sometimes punching things is the only answer. You won't learn that in Sunday school, will ya?

Back by popular demand, Keshia returns to our hallowed pages for a shoot full of animal prints and exciting tights. On top of that, we're introducing Edie D, a girl who's perfectly at home swigging tequila, designing tattoos and losing her clothes. Hell yes.

MEET TED: THE MOST FAMOUS POT-SMOKING TEDDY BEAR EVER Who'd have thought that a hooker-banging coke-snorting stuffed toy could become a box-office record breaker this summer? Luckily, before the polyester bastard got all famous, we grabbed Ted creator Seth MacFarlane and supporting actor Marky Mark Wahlberg to talk weed, fighting yourself and singing really, really badly. Also, this is the only time ever you'll see a picture of a stoned teddy holding a bong shaped like a skull. And that's a FACT.

At the start of this year, two teenage brothers from Los Angeles dropped an EP that had everyone reassessing what they'd done with their childhood. It was called How To Make Friends, and was played so much in this office that it somehow burnt a hole right through our desk. Since then, they've bro'd down with Hollywood stars, punk legends and our very own Mel Clarke. This is The Bots, and they're taking over the world one stage at a time.

Had enough? What one minute, there's a fuck-ton more! We talk Max Payne 3 with rap legend Ice-T, cats and pugs with Oli Sykes, exclusive album information with Lower Than Atlantis , Jaffa Cakes with Edgar Wright, face tattoos and chick flicks with BMX hero Harry Main, A-List Playlists with Noodles from The Offspring, party tips with Andrew W.K. and dirty jokes with Placebo. In fact, the internet can't find the space to fit all the amazingness of this issue, so go grab it today.
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